Recent Special Offers

Home Renovation Incentive Scheme

Category: Misc

The Home Renovation Incentive Scheme has been extended to 2018. Please see brochure which details what homeowners & landlords can apply for, this also includes what works are included / not included

Summer Stove Special’s

Category: Heating & Plumbing, Misc

Great reductions in radiator’s

Category: Heating & Plumbing, Misc

Rainwater Harvesting Special

Category: Heating & Plumbing, Misc

Limit water charges. Water harvesting special complete 1200 litre package: All for €1640 including vat and delivery

Joule complete solar package €2500

Category: Solar

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Wall tiles from €5 per box

Category: Tiles

Tiles are a tried and tested form of surface covering that have been used for thousands of years as method of decorating floors and walls throughout the home. They can be installed to provide a uniform colour or various patterns can be produced by installing tiles of differing colours Ceramic tiles are a common product […]

Mirrors from €40

Category: Bathrooms

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